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When it comes to home entertainment, you need to have by your side the right electronic devices capable of delivering a smooth audio and video experience. If you have a professional and high quality HDTV you probably know how important it is to have a great audio device, to enhance the viewing pleasure. Well, it’s about time to redefine the way you listen to movies, TV shows, documentaries and concerts. How? The answer will come naturally after consulting thousands of user testimonials: AV receiver. Your living room will register a significant audio boost if you find a professional product, designed with durable materials and capable of maintaining a smooth audio pleasure. How to find the best AV receiver? This type of audio device redefines your home theater possibilities, giving a tight grip on enhanced audio experiences, during movies, songs, TV shows or concerts. There are some people that have installed in their homes sound bars. Disappointed by how sound bars work, more and more Americans desire to add to their home theatres a high quality AV receiver. The ideal path towards having in your home a great model will be revealed after reading this professional buying guide. The market is now packed with a wide variety of products, designed to become your future audio enhancer.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of channels Price HDMI Inputs Wi/Fi Customer Rating Where to buy

Sony STR-DH740

7.2 $$$ 4 No B+ AMAZON

Yamaha RX-V673

7.2 $$$$ 6 No A+ AMAZON

Onkyo TX-NR626

7.2 $$$$ 6 YES A AMAZON

Denon AVR-1713

5.1 $$$ 6 No A AMAZON

Harman Kardon AVR 1700

5.1 $$$ 6 No B+ AMAZON


The answer is pretty simple: read relevant information on some of the best AV receivers. As you probably already observed, the selection process can be overwhelming, without the proper guide. Each model of AV receiver offers a wide range of audio features, specially designed to maintain a heightened clarity every time you run movies, TV shows, radio shows or even games. There are a couple of features that need to be present on the AV receiver you think of buying. Your future AV receiver needs to have many HDMI inputs, for enhanced connections with other electronic device.

It’s important to have on the device at least 4 HDMI inputs ( but better to have 6), thus maintaining elegant touch on every audio video action. Other options which need to be present on future AV receiver are the following: AirPlay, Wi-Fi system and also Bluetooth, for enhanced content access.


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Enriching the quality of your daily viewing experiences can be done once you equip your home theater with a professional AV receiver. Most of the present AV receiver comes with built-in support for wireless technologies that include Bluetooth, AirPlay and also Wi-Fi system. By appealing to one of the enumerated features above, you will be able to load with ease applications from your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore you can wirelessly stream to your AV receiver different songs with ease. Within a short period of time, your whole musical world will register an exciting new level. Bluetooth feature will accommodate virtually any type of smartphone or tablet, set somewhere within a range of 30 feet. The highly acclaimed AirPlay option works with Apple smartphones and tablets. This particular feature delivers special and superior audio quality every time you need. Sound quality taken to the next level! It’s time to install a professional AV receiver in your home! Picking out a high quality AV receiver will become a lot easier after consulting the present buying guide. With objective and professional information, the selection process will be easy, and your home theater significantly enriched.


Sony STR-DH740 7.2 Channel 4k AV receiver


A top AV receiver is designed to enhance your visual and audio movie experience. Well, the sheer number of products available on the market makes the selection process difficult. Today, you have the possibility to use one of the top rated AV receivers in 2014 from Sony: STR-DH740 7.2 Channel. This advanced 7.2 channel AV receiver delivers an impressive 1015 watts and permits enhanced iPod and iPhone connectivity, which maintains the whole experience vibrant. It also has 4 HD inputs and  a 4K resolution pass-through. This particular AV receiver includes HD Digital Cinema Sound that maintains a theater-like and smooth experience.

I always tried to maintain the entertainment levels back home high and captivating. This model from Sony helped out a lot, creating a smooth video and audio experience, which all family members rejoice in. Since I installed this AV receiver, everything on TV appears smoother while the audio clarity is significantly heightened.” – James Kawa

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Marantz SR5008 Networking Home Theater Receiver


1If you are searching for an AV receiver, then one of the best choices you can make is Marants SR5008. This new generation model can upscale the picture quality to 4k UltraHD, the most advanced resolution today. You will have at your disposal top networking options: Airplay, Pandora, Spotify and many more. The installation process won’t prove to be hard because you will be able to use its setup assistant and GUI. The receiver has 8 HDMI outputs guaranteeing you easy connectivity possibilities with other HD devices. Also, you will be able to have full control over different sound effects.

“My home cinema system never sounded better than with Marantz SR5008 as its receiver. I paid a substantial sum of money for it, but I am blown away by its top sound quality. The 4K UltraHD video resolution captivated me as well and there is no doubt in my mind, this is one of the best AV receivers 2014.” – Richard Lawson

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Pioneer SC-1223-K A/V Receiver


2Pioneer is a leading audio equipment manufacturer, renowned word wide. Through its new SC-1223-K AV receiver, the brand has reached new peaks when it comes to the sound quality. This model can support Ultra HD pass-through and it can upscale as well. AirPlay connectivity options are available too, enabling you to connect easily to any Apple device. Eight HDMI inputs are available, also an Audio Return Channel and Power Save HDMI Standby. The most advanced audio formats are supported, like Dolby TrueHD, DTS Neo X or DTS-HD Master Audio.

“The best AV receivers reviews were a valuable source of information and convinced me that Pioneer SC-1223-K was the AV receiver to get. I didn’t have any problems connecting different HD devices to it and the audio quality is nothing short than amazing.” – J. Lawson  

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Yamaha RX-V677 AV receiver


3Many audio experts consider Yamaha RX-V677 to be one of the best AV receivers 2014. It’s highly rated because it provides excellent audio and video quality, superior to most other models on the market. While it has the common AirPlay connectivity options for Apple devices, it has HTC Connect system as well. With this device you will be able to quickly steam contents from Spotfity, Pandora, Rhapsody and many other specialized sites. This receiver will guarantee you the possibility to have full control over 7.2 channels. Also, you should look forward to the Virtual CINEMA FRONT option, able to provide you virtual surround sound.

“This AV receiver form Yamaha is perfect for enhancing the audio quality of my movies, is great for listening to music, in other words I find it to be a state-of-the-art model. Its reviews and customer reports considered were all positive, proving to be that it was worth buying.” – Walter V. Williams

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Sony STRDH720 AV receiver


Top AV receivers ReviewsThis product is included in this list by best AV receivers reviews in 2014 because of all its features make watching movies and playing music that more enjoyable. There are total six ports for installing your HD devices. This product lets you connect all these devices at simultaneously. Listen to music, play videos or enjoy your video games even more by using the STRDH720. It is compatible with both 2D and 3D devices.This morel comes with a cinema sound system, so you can experience the same sound quality as in theaters.

“I bought the Sony STRDH720 receiver a while back and after using it extensively, I have come to the conclusion that the reviews are right about it and this receiver is definitely a top one. It performs so well making me recommend it for its quality.” – George Griffin

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Yamaha RX-V673 AV receiver


This AV receiver from Yamaha makes it in our list of top models in 2014. It is capable of playing all kind of videos in high resolution. It is able to play even 4K, UltraHD resolutions. A lot of gamers use it to enhance their video game resolution, for a much better game experience. This product gives you the edge in not just video, but in sound quality as well. It features an app that lets you synchronize it with your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. By synchronizing it with your devices or computer, all sorts of opportunities are made available.

“I invested in this AV receiver and I made the best choice possible, when I went for Yamaha  audio quality. It has excellent connectivity options , connecting easily and fast to other devices. To use it is simple as well, making it a quality device.” – Eddy Andrews

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Onkyo TX-NR626 AV receiver


The Best Onkyo AV receivers reviews recommend this product because all the features that are expected from a top model, are present in this design. This product guarantees you top audio and video performance. It supports all kinds of videos resolutions, including 3D videos. The sound is amplified, but it doesn’t lose its quality even high volume, giving the user theater like audio levels. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, plus it is fitted with multiple HDMI inputs.

“This receiver has everything I could possibly want from one, it has 3D capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many other great features. The picture and sound quality that comes out of it is top class and makes me enjoy movies much more than before.” – Ben Hunter

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Denon AVR-1713 AV receiver


With this product you can enjoy high quality audio and display along with its others advance functions. This product lets you play your music from your library of different devices like iPhone, iPad, or your computer. It receiver will easily work with computer running Windows 7. This product keeps the quality of the sound while playing it, the audio is played just like original but it is more amplified. It automatically adjusts the speakers to perform according to place where it is being played. It has a simple navigation system through which you will easily be able to adjust the settings accordingly. It is one of the best top rated AV receivers in 2014.

“I am very pleased with how the Denon AVR-1713 works and the sound that it puts out to my speakers. I used it to enhance the audio quality when I listen to music as well. The price is very reasonable and I didn’t think of one reason why not to purchase it.” – James Jordan

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Harman Kardon AVR 1700 AV receiver


This product delivers you everything that you need for enjoying listening to music or watching movies even more. The audio performance is remarkable, paying attention to every last detail. The best AV receivers reviews in 2014 give it the highest ratings for its audio performance. This receiver has wireless capabilities so the user can rapidly stream videos and movies from sites like Youtube or Netflix. With its many HDMI inputs connectivity, numerous connectivity opportunities are possible. With a special app, you can transform your Android using phones, iPhones, tablets etc., into its remote control.

“I was looking for a AV receiver which supported 3D images and also had a decent price range. I settled for this Harman Kardon model and after seeing what it is capable of. I know I made the correct choice. The HDMI outputs, plus the Wi-Fi makes sure I can connect it to different devices easily.” – Andy Larkin

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